Malaysian Online Gambling Duo Arrested Twice In Four Days

Online gambling pair were released on bail and immediately resumed their illegal activity

Two Malaysian men are likely to face stronger punitive measures after being arrested twice in four days for operating illegal online gambling services in the Kota Tinggi region.
Their misfortune's began when a police raiding party, following up on a tip-off, raided a suspected online gambling outlet, seized equipment and other evidence and arrested the two men. They were released on bail, but four days later when police carried out another raid in the area they were detained again on similar charges, along with five other individuals.
Kota Tinggi Police Supt Rahmat Othman said the suspects were again released on bail after being questioned.
In a third case, four suspects were arrested and evidence seized when police raided a house in Bandar Penawar which had been turned into an online gambling outlet.

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