Major Pub Poker Leagues Combine In The U.k.

Red Tooth and The Nuts have 250,000 registered poker players

The two biggest league providers in the booming British pub poker market, Red Tooth and The Nuts, have combined under Red Tooth leadership to create a poker structure with 250,000 registered players – ten times larger than any rival in the UK pub poker market.

Although the two brands will remain distinct, the alliance will be led by Red Tooth, which runs over 950 weekly leagues around the country.

Red Tooth md Martin Green says the alliance will enable both partners to offer a wider variety of poker models to meet the growing needs of pub operators.

The founder of The Nuts, Steve Bellis, will continue to support the alliance and commented that The Nuts Poker League would retain its identity, but join the biggest pub poker league in the UK in Red Tooth, which he said has an excellent reputation.

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