Macabre Poker Game Features A Truly Deadpan Player

"Dead man's hand" takes on a whole new meaning

Poker writers have been vying with each other for the best puns this week following a macabre story out of Puerto Rico about a poker game where the guest of honour was a 31-year-old dead man.
The story, which is making international newspaper columns, is about an apparently rising trend in Puerto Rico to celebrate the dead by embalming them and positioning them in activities which were their favourites when they were alive. It has seen "appearances" at boxing and motor cycle meets, and most recently at a poker table.
Poker fan Henry Rosario Martinez (31) was taken suddenly by a heart attack, but his family and friends decided to give him an appropriate send-off by staging a poker game at the Eternal Light Funeral Home in Barceloneta, where he was the guest of honour.
The rather bizarre result was documented in Spanish here:

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