Lotto24 Makes Progress In 9m Report

Strong growth in revenue and customer registrations

Despite continued profit losses, Lotto24 appears to be moving in the right direction reporting strong growth in revenue and customer registrations for the 9M/2015 period ending September 30, 2015.
Key performance indicators for the 9M/2015 period include:
-Billings amounting to Euro 101.0 million, up 75.8 percent (9M/2014: Euro 57.5 million).
-Increase in revenues of 88.4 percent amounting to Euro 10 million (9M/2014: Euro 5.3 million).
-Gross margin of 9.9 percent (9M/2014: 9.2 percent).
-360 000 new customer registrations (9M/2014: 219 000).
-Registered customers stood at 827 000 as of September 30, 2015, up 81.5 percent (September 30, 2014: 456 000).
-Slightly improved EBIT of Euro -11.3 million (9M/2014: Euro -11.5 million)
-Net profit Euro -10.1 million (9M/2014: Euro -11.7 million).
Lotto24 AG upgraded its guidances on the back of the report in terms of new customer figures and billings saying it now expects at least 320 000 new customers in 2015 instead of the previously forecast 284 000 along with a billings growth of 50 percent.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa