Lock Poker Slow-pays Now At The Two Year Mark

Is this online poker site bankrupt, and what is the regulator doing about it?

In what must surely be the worst case yet of online poker operator slow-pay, Lock Poker was again the subject of forum discussion this week as its longest-owed players marked the second anniversary of their unsuccessful withdrawals, allegedly still without any sign of payment.

This lamentable situation inevitably led to speculation that the online poker operator is insolvent and is knowingly, and therefore fraudulently, continuing to take deposits when management knows it is not in a position to meet its obligations to players.

Those obligations are now estimated by some sources to be as high as $3 million in stalled withdrawals and unpaid account balances.

Lock's public lack of response on the issue has done little to assuage player fears.

Inevitably, the discussion has turned to the supposed regulator, Curacao, which has also allegedly remained silent on the issue and does not appear to be taking any action.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa

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