Lawmakers Assured That Isp-blocking Is Permissible Under The Czech Constitution

Constitutional Court rules that anti-illegal online gambling iSP blocking does not constitute censorship

A faction of Czech lawmakers with concerns regarding the constitutionality of internet service provider blocking as a means to combat unlicensed online gambling had their fears assuaged this week when the nation's Constitutional Court ruled that such activity was not designed to stifle free speech, but to fight criminal activity, and could consequently not be regarded as censorship and an infringement of constitutional rights.
The court further found that although ISP blocking was not necessarily the perfect solution, it was likely the only effective one against unlicensed activity by international operators at this point.
Questions raised by the lawmakers – all senators – regarding the fairness of expecting ISPs to shoulder the costs of such blocking, were also dismissed with the court opining that in practical terms the ISPs are the only entities with the capacity and capability to deny access to players in the Czech Republic by unlicensed international operators.
Local reports indicate that the Czech authorities are gearing up their enforcement measures against illegal operators, so expect the first ISP blocking orders to be issued soon.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa