Las Vegas Judge Dismisses Case Against Paul Phua (update)

Not enough evidence to further the case admit Prosecutors

US District Judge Andrew Gordon dismissed criminal conspiracy and illegal gambling charges against Malaysian businessman Wei Seng "Paul" Phua on Monday after prosecutors admitted to not having enough evidence to further the case.
The court ruled just last week that evidence submitted in support of the charge was inadmissible due to the questionable legality of the FBI's search and seizure procedure at a luxury Caesars Palace villa where Phua and his associates were apprehended (see previous InfoPowa reports).
Following the ruling, Phua's legal counsel said he would immediately return to Malaysia to visit his ailing mother after spending nine months in the U.S. awaiting the outcome of the trial.
"Ultimately, he has been vindicated by our constitutional system and the honesty and strength of our federal judiciary. He is free," said Attorney David Chesnoff.
Federal prosecutors have reportedly been given leave to appeal the dismissal.

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