Land Operators Warned On Underage Gambling Problems

UK regulator not pleased by results of its latest checks

The UK Gambling Commission has again warned land gambling operations in Britain to tighten up their retail shop control systems against underage betting.

The new warning comes after a series of anonymous test probes by the Commission and local authorities, a process which was carried out last year with similar results.

The Commission reported on the results of 40 test purchases it supervised across Britain's retail gambling market; in fifty percent of cases it found that persons under the age of 18 were allowed to play shop gaming machines and leave the premises… all without being asked for proof of age.

The latest communication warns that regulatory action with stiff penalties could be the consequence of inadequate attention to measures designed to exclude minors from betting establishments.

Measures that have been recommended include intensified staff training and motivation, physical barriers around betting machines and regular internal checks to ensure that the systems in place are being properly policed and maintained.

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