Jumio Offers Insight Into Customer Onboarding

Survey results show 25 percent of new customers abandon the registration process

In a new Jumio report, research has shown a disconnect between operators and new online gambling customers during the account opening process, particularly on mobile platforms, with an abandonment rate of 25 percent.

Key findings revealed that either the process was too long or too complicated with over 40 percent of respondents saying opening and account takes a least 10 minutes and 10 percent over an hour.

The Balancing Act of Account Opening report highlights the need for operators to offer a smooth, swift user experience and strong security measures, many of whom are failing to deliver.

Robert Prigge, Chief Revenue Officer of Jumio, remarked: “67% of respondents in the Jumio study stated that a gaming operator’s ability to positively identify its customers is as important as providing security from hackers and having a solid privacy policy. But customers don’t want to be put through time-consuming processes to achieve this level of identity assurance.”

“When you combine these customer expectations with increasing security and compliance mandates, it is clear that gaming operators must look for ways to streamline the identity verification process to get good customers playing sooner.”

The Balancing Act of Account Opening report can be accessed here: http://go.jumio.com/online-gaming-report