Judge Agrees Summary Judgement In New Jersey Sports Betting Issue (update)

Arguments to be heard today

Federal Judge Michael Shipp has agreed to both the state of New Jersey and national sports leagues requests made earlier this week for a summary judgement in the legal dispute over legalised intrastate sports betting in New Jersey (see previous InfoPowa reports).

After hearing oral arguments from both sides later today (Thursday) the judge has agreed to forego an expensive and extended trial process by issuing his decision in a summary judgement that could have major implications for the federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which restricts sports betting to just four US states.

His agreement to a summary judgement will not sit well with the operators of Monmouth Park race course, which has pressed for a full trial as a potential participant in a legalised New Jersey market.

Dennis Drazin, legal representative for Monmouth Park, said he was convinced that Judge Shipp would again rule in favour of the sports leagues, forcing the parties to escalate the issue with another appeal to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

So far, the long-running dispute between the state and the sports leagues has seen judicial decisions favouring the leagues.

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