Ivey Granted Leave To Appeal In Crockfords Case (update)

GBP 7.8 million at stake

The almost 5-year-long Crockfords Club vs. Phil Ivey, GBP 7.8 million edge sorting saga will continue as the UK Supreme Court granted Ivey permission Tuesday to appeal an order handed down by the Court of Appeals in November 2016 in which the court found in favour of Crockfords.
Readers will recall Crockfords refused to pay Ivey GBP 7.8 million in Punto Banco winnings after the casino accused the professional gambler of edge sorting.
"I am so pleased that the Supreme Court has granted me permission to fight for what I genuinely believe is the right thing to do in my circumstances, and for the entire gaming industry," Ivey said. "I look forward to the Supreme Court reversing the decision against me."

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