Irish Minister Expects Sweeping Gambling Reforms From 2019-2020 (Update)

Five years behind schedule…

David Stanton, Irish Minister of State with responsibility for the gambling industry has told the Irish Times he is “frustrated” at the delay in gambling reforms which are now running five years behind schedule.

Stanton cited ‘enormous’ changes in the industry, specifically remote gambling offered by local and offshore operators, as the main reason for the delay.

The minister expects to publish proposed changes to the archaic Gaming and Lotteries Act 1956 during 2019 to include the remote gaming sector.

Further changes would be proposed in a draft Gambling Control Bill which will include an independent regulator employing up to 100 people who would be responsible for dealing with gambling addiction, advertising, sponsorship, underage gambling, promotions, and online offerings including “games”, “virtual betting” and continuous betting.