Internet Poker Only A Small Element In C.s.i. Television Show (update)

Main thrust was on internet drug dealing, but online poker inaccurately portrayed as a means to launder money

This week's episode of the CBS television show CSI:Cyber, which was expected to be negatively focused on internet poker following early reports, has turned out to be more about questionable medication drugs sold over the internet.
US media reports indicate that the main thrust of the show was an investigation which hunts down the web-based medications supplier after one of his products is implicated in the death of a victim; online poker is brought in by the wildly imaginative but not very well informed script writers as a vehicle through which the villain of the piece launders his ill-gotten gains.
The web medicine ringleader is of course ultimately caught by the intrepid CSI agents, deploying among other tools a scary sounding and probably fictional federal database.

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