Immigration Bribery Allegations To Be Probed In The Philippines (update)

Justice Secretary says the National Bureau of Investigation is to carry out a thorough investigation

Bribery and official corruption allegations made folllowing the recent mass arrests of Chinese illegal immigrants working in the Philippines online gambling sector are to be thoroughly investigated by the National Bureau of Investigation, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre said over the weekend.
Aguirre revealed that he had tasked The NBI with looking into all aspects of alleged bribery of Immigration Bureau officials, saying: "I have tasked the NBI to probe for the truth behind these allegations. We will leave no stone unturned and there will be no sacred cows. We will hold those found responsible accountable."
Corruption of any kind has no place in the Department of Justice family, which oversees the operations of the Bureau of Immigration and the NBI, he added.

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