Illegal Gambling In China Reached At Least $3 Billion, Say Police

And that's just the rings that the police know about…

With the football World Cup now concluded, Chinese police have issued a broad national figure on just how much Chinese punters wagered on the illegal sites that enforcement agency knew about and dismantled.

A series of major police actions hammered several big illegal betting enterprises, with records showing that up to $3 billion in wagers on football were facilitated – mostly through internet websites.

Betting is banned in China, except where it is run by the government's sports lotteries, which themselves reported record action of over $1.6 billion during the football spectacular (see previous InfoPowa reports).

More than 108 individuals were arrested in several big raids, police have revealed, acknowledging that more illegal gambling was probably on-going that has not yet been discovered.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa

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