Illegal Canadian Bookie Goes To Jail

Defendant in Ottawa online sports betting bust sentenced to 18 months imprisonment

A major online sports betting bust in Ottawa, Canada two years ago had a sequel in a local court this week when Gary Saikely (51) was sent to jail for 18 months by Judge Hugh Fraser for his part in the $5 million illegal gambling enterprise.

He was allegedly one of 21 individuals picked up in an enforcement drive that featured national, provincial and municipal police forces, who shuttered the ring after just a year of operational activity from which it allegedly profited by $1.2 million.

Saikely has a record, with a previous conviction for illegal bookmaking eight years ago, for which he was fined $22,500, and a more serious conviction for an illegal gun offence for which he went to prison for seven years in 1986.

Prosecutors say that the ringleader of the operation, one Benny Manasseri, will be brought to trial soon.

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