Hackers In Bitcoin Poker Sites Scam

Merge Poker players report conning attempts involving Bitcoin virtual currency

In what seems to be a rather clumsy scam using a gmail address, attempts were made this week to con Merge Poker Network players on the PokerHost skin into sending Bitcoins in order to fund their accounts, with a sweetener of a 25 percent discount.

The poker information site Pokerfuse reports that the fraudsters behind the scam appeared to have hacked into the website, because the spelling-challenged player message was delivered using the software's internal messaging system, and urged players to contact a gmail address for further information.

Pokerfuse points out that the Merge Network does not offer transactions in Bitcoin.

Merge reacted to the scam by issuing an advisory noting that it does not manage cashier or processing services to licensees.

"No Merge licensee offers Bitcoin. These table messages were unauthorized and Merge has the isolated incident fully contained," the network said.

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