GSA Name Chair Of New Blockchain Committee

Blockchain technology poised to change industry forever, GSA president believes

The Gaming Standards Association’s (GSA) newly established Blockchain Committee will be chaired by Earle G. Hall, chief executive officer of Axes Network.

The Committee, which was announced by GSA and GSA Europe in early February, now has an approved charter and its first meeting, hosted by member Playtech, is scheduled for April 10, 2018 in London.

“We are very excited to evolve this committee into a significantly beneficial asset to our prestigious membership. The blockchain technology is poised to change our industry forever,” Peter DeRaedt, President of the GSA, said.”

We are very thankful to have someone with the vision, in-depth knowledge and exceptional drive that Earle brings to GSA. He will lead us into this new realm of technology that will affect every aspect of our evolution.”

Hall added: “Blockchain is the answer to so many of our inefficiencies. It is inherently designed for transparent, secure and distributed information flow. Blockchain will exponentially increase the potential for collaboration, efficiency and connectivity.

“I am very grateful to the membership for their vote of confidence with respect to my nomination. I am excited to pool together all the talent I can to serve our members in this need to embrace this revolution.”

The GSA believes blockchain technology will “revolutionize data sharing, security allowing regulatory authorities “previously unobtainable levels of transparency.”