Greek Police Bust Major Online Gambling Ring In Attica Region

128 persons arrested in police raids on affluent Athens suburbs

News is coming in from a number of Greek media outlets reporting that the Greek police in the Attica region have broken up a major online gambling ring, arresting 128 persons and seizing "huge sums of money, many laptops, tablets and computers."
The region includes the Greek capital of Athens, and police raids have reportedly targeted the city's affluent suburbs, where the ring operated from several expensive houses and apartments.
Among those arrested are 3 Greeks and 125 Asian nationals, including eighteen individuals believed to be managing the illegal operations.
The police statements on this online betting ring break up were followed by a press conference at which the Greek deputy minister for Public Order and Citizen Protection, Nikos Toskas gave more details of the arrests.
Toskas said that the police had been investigating the ring and monitoring its activities for around six weeks prior to the raids, and that most of the 125 foreign nationals arrested were originally from Taiwan.
He revealed that the police had seized around Euro 150,000 in cash along with computer equipment and other evidence of illegal activity.

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