Good Growth At Online Gambling Operator

Olympic Entertainment Group does particularly well in Italy and Latvia

Olympic Entertainment Group, an operator of online and mobile casinos, has posted a healthy Q1-2015 report showcasing solid growth and covering the following highlights:
* Total revenue up y-o-y 12.4 percent to Euro 39.2 million;
* EBITDA up at Euro 8.8 million;
* Net profit of Euro 5.5 million (Q1-2014: Euro 4.9 million) thanks to strong Latvian and Italian business;
* Latvia the main source of revenue at Euro 12.1 million – up 16.1 percent compared to the same period last year;
* Italian sales revenues up 191.3 percent on Q1-2014 at Euro 2.3 million;
* Solid revenue growth across eastern and central Europe;
* Disappointing performance in Belarus, where sales revenues fell almost 40 percent to Euro 285,000.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa