Gameco Makes Good On Promise Of More Innovation In Casino Games

Launches new land casino machine designed to attract a wider demographic

Three weeks ago the US gambling machine maker GameCo pledged to launch a new-style casino gaming machine designed to appeal to the younger demographic seeking more variety and skill-based action in casino gaming, and this week at the G2E show in Las Vegas the company lived up to its promise.
GameCo launched what it claims is the world's first true video game gambling machine, featuring new proprietary arcade-style cabinets with popular skill-based video game content.
The machines have a patent-pending system that balances player skills with proprietary game design to deliver single player games, while also maintaining the same house return to players as traditional slot machines, and GameCo has pledged to work with developers who want to adapt popular video titles for casino action.
GameCo exec Elaine Graboyes said that games to be made available for the machines will include sports, racing, first-person shooters, puzzles and hidden object games, and field trials will begin early next year in collaboration with regulators and testing agencies.
"Our skill-based VGMs are the natural evolution of the slot machine," Graboyes said. "Attracting millennials to the casino floor is the most critical issue facing gaming destinations today and GameCo is delivering the solution casinos need to engage this key audience. Nearly 93 million adult Americans play video games."

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa