Gambling with Credit Cards Consultation

The Gambling Commission’s twelve week consultation on the use of credit cards when gambling online is set to finish on the 6th November, with the likelihood that credit cards could well be removed as a deposit option, when using an online casino or sports betting site as a result.

The consultation was commenced by the UKGC after serious concerns that players were relying on borrowing money to be able to gamble and thus fuelling potential problem  gambling.

The iGaming industry as a whole, from operators, players, and affiliate marketers will therefore be showing a keen interest as to when the Gambling Commission release their findings once the consultation period has completed.

During the course of 2018 in the UK over 800,000 players and consumers at iGaming sites used a form of credit card to fund their online accounts. To look deeper into this topic the Gambling Commission senior manager, Pete Rangeley, and Insight manager, Rab Grewal recorded a podcast discussing this particular area.

If you are interested in listening to what they both have to say, you can access the podcast here.

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