Gambling Commission to ban all Bonus Offers from Monday 6th April

By Simon Wright Apr 1, 2020

The United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission have announced this morning that all UK licensed operators will be banned from offering players any form of incentives in the form of bonuses or the such like as from Monday 6th April.

Casinomeister forum member Dunover, announced the news to the shocked community this morning and stated: “Gambling operations licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission will be required to suspend all bonus and new player incentives from next Monday, 6th. April.”

“This action was decided at an emergency online meeting today to allay fears of an upsurge in problem gambling due to home isolation amidst the COVID-19 epidemic.”

In the thread on the forum,  a Simon Griefgebber, the Marketing Director of AFJ Holdings, who was not very happy, is also quoted, where he comments on the decision of the UKGC, by stating: “We understand the sentiments of the UKGC but it all seems illogical and unfair. NHS workers, delivery drivers and shop workers are raking it in with all their overtime and supermarkets are reporting record turnover. Yet we are providing an essential service to provide escapism for those with extra spare time on their hands in order to protect their mental health.”

“There’s only so many repeats of Top Gear and Minder people can take on TV before they crack. It’s only reasonable we can still offer them a chance of free money on top of what they spend themselves.”

For further details, check out the thread: UKGC to suspend bonus offers from Monday 6th

Simon Wright

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