Four Cubed Looking For Capital

Successful affiliate marketer already has a foot in the door in nascent US online gambling market

Despite the ravages of Black Friday, an online poker affiliate marketing company in Minneapolis, Four Cubed, managed to hang on and is now looking for capital to expand, with a foot already in the door in the nascent US online gambling business in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware.

Reporting on the resurgent Four Cubed and its founder Chris Carlson over the weekend, The Star Tribune newspaper detailed his rise, fall and resurrection, interviewing Carlson on the premises of a renovated car-painting factory that is now his offices.

In 2011, with operating profit up at a million dollars on $13 million in sales at that point, Four Cubed took a bad knock on its player referral and advertising business in the aftermath of Black Friday, and had to fight back to profitability, tightening operations up, sharpening focus and changing the product mix to improve margins.

Four Cubed generated operating income of nearly $160,000 on revenue of $2.7 million in 2013, encouraging Carlson to boost his 12-member staff count by the addition of a further six jobs, needed to realise the company's ambition to grow revenues to $3.2 million this year.

Carlson, a 90 percent owner of the company, plans "to grow by seven- to tenfold over the next three to five years" and claims that Four Cubed is well-established in Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey online and casino operations.

He also has high hopes that California will join the legalisation trend, providing further business opportunities for his company.

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