Former Tusk Punters Get Something Back From Liquidators

Players report receiving 16 percent of their balances when Tusk online poker group collapsed six years ago.

Six years ago the spectacular failure of the online poker Tusk group, leaving players unpaid to the reported tune of several millions of dollars, was the subject of heated recrimination and debate in the industry, and as 2013 drew to a close a sequel in the form of payments to players was being reported.

It wasn’t much…most players posting on popular message boards and forums reported that they received only 16 percent of their account balances when Tusk went under…but it was a welcome and for many unexpected cash boost over the holiday period.

Reprising the disaster, the poker information site 4Flush recalled that the Australia-based and Microgaming-powered Tusk Investment Group included 28 online poker skins and six online casinos, and its collapse in 2008 constituted one of the first major online poker network failures.

The independent player protection and body ECOGRA and Microgaming itself were both embroiled in the aftermath of the failure, having suspended Tusk’s accreditation and licensing for irregularities immediately prior to TIG’s failure.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa

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