Football Legend To Sue Paddy Power Over Advert

Roy Keane is suing bookmaker over a Braveheart billboard promotion

The penchant of Paddy Power marketers to flight controversial advertisements and publicity has provoked one celebrity portrayed in a company stunt to seek relief from the courts.
Football legend and manager Roy Keane has launched litigation in a Dublin court over a Paddy Power publicity initiative that portrayed him as the movie character Braveheart on a large mobile billboard parked near a football stadium during the Euro 2016 match between Scotland and the Irish Republic.
The billboard exploited interest in the political controversy surrounding Scotland's referendum rejecting independence that was current at the time, and featured Keane's image without authorisation as William Wallace, the medieval Scottish freedom fighter, and the slogan "You may take our points but at least we have our freedom (ya wee pussies)."
Paddy Power spokesmen have suggested the advert was merely a little humorous "craic".

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