First Sunday Millions Of The Year Tourney Sees A Good Turnout

Swedish online player "Noaceforme" bests 6,479 rivals to claim main prize of $169,260.23 after a four-way chop

The first Pokerstars Sunday Millions tournament of the new year has produced encouraging results, with 6,479 players registering to create a $1,349,000 prize pool.
Swedish player "Noaceforme" bested them all, but a four-way chop agreement late in the game meant that his first prize of $205,308.36 was diluted to a still-respectable $169,260.23.
At the four-handed stage the Swede went into an online huddle with his remaining opponents, emerging with an agreement that the winner would take home $169,260.23; "Saitek00" would get $135,099.52; Germany player "Sheeeeep" $117,231.37; and "Bababooyboff" of Canada $117,792.34.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa