Fast Arrests In Taiwan Gambling Murder Case (update)

But the chauffeur remains at large

Police in the Taiwanese city of Tanchung have used camera surveillance footage from a number of sources to quickly track down two men believed to be complicit in the kidnapping and murder of wealthy gambling and business entrepreneur Shih Chia-chin (57) (see previous InfoPowa report).
Barely a day after Shih's body was found in a ditch in a remote area a week after he disappeared, police investigators arrested two men in the southern part of Taiwan, identified as a 31-year-old suspect with the family name Lin and another surnamed Cheng.
A police spokesman said that the two are believed to be accomplices who abandoned Shih's Mercedes-Benz in Tainan following the kidnapping and murder.
Police are now on the trail of Shih's chauffeur, Hsieh Yuan-hsin, who fled Taiwan with a false passport on a flight to Thailand after failing in an attempt to cash ransom money deposited by Shih's family in a Taiwan bank.

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