Fanbet Sanctioned By Asa On Arsenal Fc Ad

Socially irresponsible says ad watchdog

A Fanbet ad on Arsenal Football Club's Arsenal Station domain garnered the attention of the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) this week.
The internet ad which appeared in January showed three slide frames of text that said "The #1 way to improve your betting", "Learn how to win" and the third, "save yourself" which was accompanied by the silhouette of a man hanging from a rope by his neck.
Concern over the depiction of suicide spurred a complaint to which the ASA agreed, ordering the ad be removed and not appear in its current form again.
FanBet acknowledged the complainant's concern saying it would take greater care in future while Arsenal Station said it would check material more rigorously in future as it had been unaware of the nature of the third slide of the ad.

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