Expensive Screw-up At French Online Poker Site

Winamax accidentally gives player a Euro 1.54 million payment

The French online poker media is rather gleefully reporting what appears to be a monumental screw-up by French operator Winamax which resulted this week in a Euro 1,546,522 payment to the account of one confused but delighted player.
The fact that it took a week for the operator to uncover and act on such an expensive mistake only makes it more surprising.
Having uncovered the error, the operator immediately emailed the player and discovered that he had already splurged Euro 3,000 in bets on Winamax, and had withdrawn in cash another Euro 9,000.
Bearing in mind the size of the screw-up, Winamax reportedly suggested to the player that the Euro 3,000 be written off if he was prepared to return the Euro 9,000 (the company had by then presumably reversed the erroneous payment out of the player's account).
Winamax even offered the player a Euro 1,000 incentive to cooperate, but he has reportedly refused to return the cash, arguing that it was a legit win in a lottery.
The argument continues….

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa