Esports Gaining Traction With Major Tournaments

Millions in guarantees and big names involved

The burgeoning eSports vertical has received another boost with the news that media giant Turner Broadcasting is to launch an eSports televised league next year.
Based on the video 'shoot 'em up' Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the initiative represents the first major eSports game televised which will run in two 10-week tournaments across all TBS owned sites, a Turner spokesman said.
In an interview with the business publication Fortune, Turner Broadcasting president Lenny Daniels said that eSports stars would be promoted like traditional sports stars to market the vertical, which analysts believe will be generating $765 million annually just two years from now..
In related news, the Call of Duty wargame is at the centre of a new eSports global league with a guaranteed prize pool of $3 million which Activision is working on for launch in Fall 2016 (see previous InfoPowa report).

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