Episode 1 Of Tim James Show Debuts

A bit amateurish and biased, but this anti-Adelson show makes some good points

Activist gambler Tim James has launched the first episode of his show on Youtube following previews which have attracted wide online media attention in the industry (see previous InfoPowa reports).
In keeping with his promise to expose the hypocrisy of major online gambling opponent and land casino owner Sheldon Adelson, James has included clips from Adelson interviews, which he then addresses rather heatedly at times in debunking some of the multi-billionaire's allegations regarding online gambling.
The presentation is adequate but a little amateurish, and James is biased towards internet gambling, but he does make some good counter arguments, perhaps dwelling rather overlong on Adelson's controversial comments about less well-heeled punters.
The clip also includes a short if inarticulate interview with high profile poker pro Brian Hastings.
James says a second episode is to follow.
Tim James Show Episode 1:

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