End of Reverse Withdrawal for the UK?

By Simon Wright May 13, 2020

Yesterday the UK Gambling Commission announced additional formal guidance for remote gambling operators, furthering their continuing instructions to operators as a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Interestingly and most likely to be well received by UK players is point 2f which states: “Prevent reverse withdrawal options for customers until further notice.”

This move by the UKGC will mean that as from yesterday when the update to Social responsibility code provision 3.4.1 was announced, UK licensed operators are no longer allowed to offer the reverse withdrawal ‘facility’.

The reverse withdrawal ‘facility’ has been a major bone of contention for players over the years, indeed there are several stories here on the Casinomeister Forum of players having reversed their winnings and withdrawals, not having the patience for them to be actioned. Subsequently losing all and any amounts that were reversed.

Whether this means the end of the reverse withdrawal option being applied by UK licensed operators moving forward, once the Covid-19 pandemic is no longer with us, remains to be seen.

However, no doubt there will be growing support from the player community and sites such as Casinomeister and our sister site Casino Gazette, which in the past has covered the reverse withdrawal facility, to ensure that it is not allowed to return to the cashiers of online casinos.

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