Dvtm To Present Proposal On German Regulation (update)

Win-Win situation says industry body

The German Association of Telecommunications and Media (DVTM) will submit a blueprint for a liberalised and regulated gambling market to lawmakers later this week in response to the failed German licensing process (see previous InfoPowa reports).
"Our proposal creates a win-win situation for the government, consumers, and policy providers," Zille Renatus, chief executive officer of DVTM said in a press statement.
DVTM, in collaboration with the Scientific Institute for Infrastructure and Communication Services (WIK), will present high-ranking politicians and representatives from the EU and the media and telecommunications industry with "an exclusive study that includes the necessary re-regulation of the so-called 'Better-tainment' market', focusing in particular on sports betting, poker, casino and online lotteries".
"The exodus of investment and sales abroad and the resulting loss of tax revenue in the billions can be avoided by creating legal certainty for the industry and consumers," DVTM opined.
"Only a liberalised, regulated market can protect the youth, data and consumer, expand addiction-fighting measures and keep the real 'black sheep' out of the industry".
The study, which will be officially presented at the Munich Media Days on October 21, is reportedly supported by EU Commissioner Günther H. Oettinger.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa