Dutch Mp's Plan To Use Online Gambling Licence Revenue For Sports

Politicians in the VVD and PvdA parties want taxes gathered to be used to promote and aid Dutch sports

With the legalisation of online gambling in the Netherlands still making its way sluggishly through the Dutch political system two of the parliamentary parties are already planning on how to spend the tax money that will eventually be raised by the new system
MPs in the VVD and PvdA political parties want to use money earned from taxing online gambling to promote and aid sports, and there is a plan to present the proposal to parliament this week, according to a report from the ANP news agency.
The parties want the money to go to both professional athletes and amateurs so that sports clubs and the Olympic Games teams of the future can benefit, MP Jeroen van Wijngaarden told the agency.
Parliamentarians have already proposed a high 29 percent tax rate on a legalised online gambling market, and the MPs making the proposal are expecting to raise an additional Euro 8 to 10 million for sports from the tax revenues generated.

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