Digital Continues To Bolster Rank Plc Revenues

UK land and online gambling group reports 5 percent rise in revenues in first five months of 2015

Digital operations continued to make a strong contribution to the performance of the online and land gambling group Rank plc in the first five months of 2015, the company said in an interim management statement Thursday.
A strong performance from live casino and increases in both customers and spend per visit led to a 55 percent increase in digital revenues in this vertical in the 20-week period.
Digital has continued to improve its performance in the 20-week period, with revenue up 18 percent driven by higher customer retention, an improved mobile product offer and a successful TV campaign.
Group revenue overall rose 5 percent when compared with the same period a year ago, with online operations at Mecca bingo performing particularly well, with revenues up 18 percent the company revealed.
Group chief executive Henry Birch said: "The group's performance continued to improve in the 20-week period, with our digital channels performing particularly strongly driven by improvements in marketing, retail cross-over and product development.
"The improvement in Mecca's digital revenue seen in the last 20 weeks is especially pleasing, resulting in overall growth in the Mecca brand."

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