Danish Regulator Launches Whistleblower Programme

Spillemyndigheden Launch Whistleblower Programme

More regulatory news to end this week with and this time it concerns Denmark and their gaming regulator Spillemyndigheden.

The Danish Gambling Authority have announced the formation of a whistleblower programme. The programme  will enable employees to report a company’s violation or potential violation of the anti-money laundering legislation in place in the country.

As such Spillemyndigheden have setup an easy to access contact form on their site which provides the facility for anyone to report transgressions of the legislation in place. This whistleblower contact form can be viewed here.

The top of the form states: “By using the form below, employees of gambling operators, which are covered by the rules of the Anti-Money Laundering Act, can send an anonymous enquiry concerning reports of the gambling operator’s violations or potential violations of the anti-money laundering legislation. We recommend that you send a detailed description and please attach relevant documents if possible.”

Furthermore as indicated above, the whistleblower contact form also provides the ability to attach any documents required to back up any reports made.

Spillemyndigheden also asserts that when receiving any reports to the whistleblower programme, that they will conduct a legal assessment and subsequently take care of the following process.

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