Danish Poker Pro In The Hot Seat

Under investigation for allegedly using Trojan to see other players' hole cards

Danish newspaper MetroXpress is reporting on an ongoing investigation by the Danish State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crime into alleged cheating through the use of a Trojan that showed opponents' hole cards by an unnamed 32-year-old Danish poker professional.

The investigation reportedly involves a poker player, described as belonging to the Danish elite, who cheated a number of other online poker players.

"I can confirm that we have received a review of that person and that it involves tens of millions," police commissioner Torben Koldborg Frederiksen told Metro.

Authorities confirmed the man had been notified of the investigation in October but declined to identify him.

Danish Poker Pro Peter Eastgate told Metro on Monday he was aware of the investigation saying: "I am familiar with the review, but I'm not the architect behind it".

According to the report, eight other poker professionals are involved in the investigation, all of whom claim to have been cheated out of anything from several hundred thousand dollars to several million.

Social media and online poker forums are ablaze with speculation but it's important to note that no charges have been formally laid.

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