Danish Market Boosted By Online Casino In Q1 2015

And an increase in sports betting

Denmark gambling authority Spillemyndigheden's report on the markets' first quarter based on duty/tax payments from license holders was released this week.
In terms of total Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR), the first quarter of this year delivered an amount of DKK 750 million, up from the comparative first quarter 2014 of DKK 670 million.
Of that betting GGR was DKK 440 million (Q1/2014: DKK 415 million), online casino exceeded expectations with an amount of DKK 310 million (Q1/2014: DKK 255 million) an almost 20 percent increase while online poker amounted to DKK 45 million (Q1/2014: DKK 50 million).
In a wider report, Spillmyndigheden.dk said a growing number of Danish players have registered themselves on the voluntary exclusion system ROFUS. 5,100 people were registered in the system as at May 1, 2015. 70 percent of those have excluded themselves permanently while the other 30 percent for 1-6 months. Over 75 percent of registered users of the system are male.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa