D.d.o.s. Remains A Threat To Online Gambling

Cyber security firm chief says that attacks can cause similar damage to Black Friday shutdowns

The growing incidences of Distributed Denial of Services attacks on e-business companies (see previous InfoPowa reports) continues to concern cyber security firms, prompting one company to publish an infographic on the issue this week.
In publishing the infographic, Gold Security notes that online gambling sites, where 60 percent of transactions occur in real-time, are especially vulnerable, and just an hour of DDoS activity can result in the loss of up to $40,000 in lost business.
Chief executive Anthony Khamsei drew a startling comparison, claiming that the potential damage to online gambling sites' traffic was like being hit with a Black Friday calamity several times a year.
Gold Security says that most DDoS attacks emanate from Asia, with 14.9 percent from China, 13.8 percent from Vietnam and 8.1 percent from Thailand.
9.7 of attacks have been tracked to US sources, and 9.5 percent to Brazil.
Check out the interesting infographic here: https://www.goldsecurity.com/the-growing-threat-of-ddos-attacks-upon-gambling-sites/

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa