Costa Rica Online Sports Betting Exec Kidnapped

Reports that a Bitcoin ransom of $750,000 has been paid, but nothing further heard from the kidnappers

Costa Rica-based online sports betting executive William Sean Creighton (43) has reportedly been kidnapped, and has not been seen since he left for work on the night of September 24.

Creighton, known locally as “Tony”, was driving his Porsche Cayenne SUV when he was run off the road by a gang of four armed men travelling on a motorcycle and in a BMW, according to local media reports, which claim that a $750,000 ransom demand was received and paid in Bitcoin, but that nothing further has been heard from the kidnappers.

However, the local police, who acknowledge they are investigating the case following a report by Creighton’s wife on September 25, have been close-lipped on progress and claim that no ransom demand has been received.

Creighton’s family appear to be hedging their bets regarding the police investigation – they have apparently hired private investigators to assist in locating and freeing Creighton.