Coca Cola And Ign Debut New Sponsored E-sports Show

Friday debut makes a big splash in a booming vertical

The partnership between Imagine Games Network, now rebranded as IGN, and soft drink giant Coca Cola debuted its inaugural weekly eSports digital show Friday, making a big splash for the booming vertical.
Titled 'eSports Weekly with Coca Cola,' the promo for the show can be accessed here:
Featuring prominent eSports players and commentators, the show presents tournament and other eSports news, interviews, discussion panels, league results and expert analysis of top players in much the same fashion that shows devoted to more traditional sports in the USA have done.
With publicity on eSports on the rise, celebrity names in the sector like Stephen "Snoopeh" Ellis and Charlie Yang are becoming increasingly familiar outside the vertical and appear on the new show.
IGN has claimed that it attracts over 60 million viewers to its digital and television programs, giving a perspective on the popularity of the presentations that the company produces.
For Coca Cola the IGN agreement represents an extension of an already focused push into the eSports market and access to the mainly youthful demographic that it serves. The company has since 2014 been involved in a partnership deal with Riot Games on its League of Legends tournaments, which claims a major audience through Cinemark, and the Coke Twitter account already boasts well over 330,000 followers!

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