Class Action Take On Bet365 Spain

Flagrantly violating customer rights, action group says

Hillside Spain Leisure SA (bet365) is facing a class action suit comprising a group of disgruntled players who are objecting to alleged account closures, absence of consumer protection, abusive clauses and betting limitations which they say have been arbitrarily imposed by the company.
The consumer group action, legally represented by Toledo attorney Ricardo Fabrega Alarcon, released a statement on claiming several bookmakers, and to a greater extent, Hillside Spain Leisure SA (bet365) are "flagrantly" violating bettors rights.
As a first course of action, has approached and awaits resolution from Spain's gambling authority La Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ) on perceived illegal practices it says bet365 has indiscriminately imposed on Spanish customers.
The group is prepared to seek a ruling from Spain's Court of First Instance should resolution through the DGOJ not be reached.

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