Chinese Police In Major Guangdong Online Gambling Bust

Fraudulent operators used well-known land casino brands to attract punters

Police in the Guangdong province of China report that a year-long investigation has led to the breakup of a fraudulent online gambling ring that illegally used well-known land casino brands to atract customers to its websites.
The investigation, triggered by an informant in March 2015, resulted in the arrest of 218 suspects, including 11 core members from Fujian province, in a case that police claim involved taking 140 million yuan (US$21.6 million) from over 1,000 victims in 11 cities across the country.
Security officials in Foshan received the initial report, and discovered two fake online gaming websites scamming victims in the names of Macau casinos and issuing gaming messages via a "malicious base station."
Subsequent investigations uncovered servers registered in Cambodia. Working in collaboration with the Cambodian police, the investigators dismantled five illegal telecommunications and Internet establishments, along with four "fake base stations" after taking action in 18 cities on the Chinese mainland, the police reported this week.
UPDATE: Subsequent reports on this major Chinese bust have revealed the following additional information:
* Over a thousand police officers across Cambodia and China were involved in the investigation and raids;
* Famous casino brands used illegally by the gambling ring included Grand Lisboa, the Venetian Macau, and Galaxy;
* The illicit websites offered RNG and live dealer gambling;
* Chinese online punters were the principal targets;
* 38 of those arrested in Cambodia were wanted in China on illegal gambling charges.

Online Casino News Courtesy of Infopowa