Chinese Police Chief Fired For Online Gambling

Forestry police commander bet $170,000 he couldn't afford on international football matches

The chief of forestry police in China's Guangdong province has been removed from his post following revelations that he had wagered 1.05 million yuan ($170,000) in borrowed money on international football matches, using un-named online gambling websites.

Police chief Ling Ziqun borrowed the money to bet from a man named only as Deng, with the debt underwritten by another man named Zheng, the China Daily newspaper reports. When he could not repay the debt Deng took legal action to recover his money and the police chief's penchant for betting was exposed.

A local court ruled that the debt plus interest must be repaid, and that as guarantor Zheng must accept some of the responsibility. Some of his assets, including two properties and a car, were seized to affect this.

How Ling is to repay the debt following his dismissal is not covered in the report.

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