Chinese Police Action Against Crown Employees Widens (update)

87 questioned, with ten detained

The Chinese police action against Crown Resorts local staff is wider than at first thought, judging by local media reports Tuesday.
In addition to the 18 Crown employees still held after their arrest last week, it now appears that the police questioned 87 Crown punters and junket organisers, detaining 10 of the latter.
The local press has also reported that a customer warned a senior exec at Crown two weeks before the police swoop that the action was imminent. He revealed that the company's visiting Aussie execs had been tracked for over a year by the authorities, who were concerned at the large amount of money being removed from China by local punters intent on gambling in Australian casinos.
Crown may not be the only foreign casino operator being tracked; the newspaper informant claimed that the Chinese authorities are monitoring other foreign high-roller hunter teams, including one from Star Entertainment, which has since apparently halted such activity.

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