Chinese Man Arrested For Illegal Online Gambling Operation

Nabbed in Vietnam by coordinated police effort

A Chinese suspect, identified only as Zhou, was arrested by Vietnamese police on Tuesday. The man was handed over to the authorities' Chinese counterparts at Noi Bai International Airport.
Zhou was flagged by the Chinese International Criminal Police Organization after he fled China suspected of operating a lucrative online gambling operation.
According to a report in the Shanghai Daily, Zhou and his unidentified accomplices, developed the online gambling site using 400 billion yuan in capital, achieving 580 million yuan in profit from the operation.
The co-ordinated action undertaken by the Chinese Police Liaison office in Hanoi and the Hanoi Police Department under the moniker "Operation One" has arrested 47 escaped suspects between China and Vietnam from November 2014 to July 2015.
"Arresting escaped suspects is a cooperation area between the two sides," said Zhao Wanpeng, a Chinese police counsellor in Vietnam.
"I believe that with the efforts of both sides' police forces, this year, the results of the cooperation will be better than last year."

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