Chinese Legal Advice To Crown Resorts: Confess And Say You’re Sorry

Chinese legal expert says things will be easier if Aussie gambling group follows his advice

A Chinese legal expert has offered some unsolicited advice to Crown Resorts, the Aussie gambling group that is still trying to arrange the release from almost two months in detention of 17 of its employees – including three visiting Australian managers – arrested on gambling promotion-related accusations.

Chen Youxi, director of Hangzhou-based Capital Equity Legal Group, says that the Australian company will achieve better results in its efforts if it “…admits clearly to the Chinese authorities what it has done and explain how it had gone about its business in the country.”

This should be accompanied by a pledge not to “cross the line in the grey zone between what is permitted in China [in relation to casino and gambling promotion] and what is not,” he added.

And an apology wouldn’t hurt either, he opined.

Youxi suggested that Crown should hire good lawyers to defend its employees, something Crown’s existing Chinese legal representatives may regard as offensive.

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