Changes To The U.s. Political Scene

Some good, some bad for online gambling

The US mid-term elections this week have resulted in some interesting changes to the political landscape in the United States, which will in future undoubtedly influence the ongoing debate on legalisation or prohibition.

It's early days yet, but some of the changes worth watching include:

* Massachusetts, where the decidedly pro state Treasurer Steve Grossman has been replaced by Democrat Deb Goldberg, who has in the past made statements that indicate she is unlikely to support online gambling legalisation. Charlie Baker is the new Republican governor, and is said to be open-minded.

* In Pennsylvania the new governor will be Democrat Tom Wolf, a politician generally opposed to gambling expansion who is replacing the middle-of-the-road Republican incumbent Tom Corbett. Another setback could be the election victory of Pennsylvania State Representative Mario Scavello, who has been openly hostile to online gambling legalisation.

* Pat Quinn, the Illinois governor who leaned toward negativity when it came to online gambling issues, has been unseated by Bruce Rauner, who political analysts in the know say is more open to change whilst not overtly supporting online gambling.

* Larry Hogan will take the governor's seat in Maryland, and is reportedly neutral on online gambling in a state where developments are being closely watched.

* South Carolina's governorship has again gone to Republican Nikki Haley, and there will be little support from this Adelson fan for the legalisation of online gambling.

* The same applies in Florida, where the narrowly won re-election to governor of Adelson supported Rick Scott signals continued opposition to online gambling. Scott has benefited from Adelson political donations and is on record as publicly calling for a Congressional ban on internet gambling.

* Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot, whom the Poker Players Alliance listed as opposed to legalisation earlier this year, is the new Governor of Texas and replaces Rick Perry.

* Regarding the PPA list of US politicians seeking re-election but opposed to legalisation (see previous InfoPowa reports) that initiative appears to have backfired, because as the information site California Gambler points out, almost all of them were comfortably re-elected!

California Gambler lists them as:

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (Utah – Republican)

Sen. Lindsey Graham (South Carolina Republican)

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (Missouri – Democrat)

Rep. Charles Dent (Pennsylvania – Republican)

Rep. Randy Forbes (Virginia – Republican)

Rep. Trent Franks (Arizona – Republican)

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (Hawaii – Democrat)

Rep. Louie Gohmert (Texas – Republican)

Rep. Trey Gowdy (South Carolina – Republican)

Rep. George Holding (North Carolina – Republican)

Rep. Jim Jordan (Ohio – Republican)

Rep. Steve King (Iowa – Republican)

Rep. James Lankford (Oklahoma – Republican)

Rep. Daniel Lipinski (Illinois – Democrat)

Rep. Cedric Richmond (Iowa – Democrat)

Rep. Mike Rogers (Michigan – Republican)

Rep. Lamar Smith (Texas – Republican)

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