Casinomeister’s Three Tales of Terror – Halloween 2017

“Hey hey hey – it’s a terrifying day in Casinomeisterland – Now it’s the time when the veil between the living and the dead is a little bit thinner. Spirits come and go as they please, things move without anyone there. The dark days of winter are upon us, and this is the setting for Casinomeister’s three tales of terror.

Our first tale – a tale guaranteed to make you fear the dark – forever is…

  • What about the Children?

Our second tale:

  • Affiliate Edge – the blade of lies – is a tale to chill you to the marrow.

Our third tale – a tale of spirit whispers in the night – the elusive customer support – customer support that can’t quite connect to our world of the living – it’s called

  • Dream Casino – Little Casino Lost. “